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New laws against fake press credentials
Press credentials are the most happening thing that a reporter can hold in order to get some extra advantage in events and incidents. From the professionals to the freelancers this card is simply the keys to unlock every restricted door. The power has blessed us to get the news true and perfect but adding the evil side of faking the press credentials as well. In order to make the difference between real and fake cards several measures have been taken. The card is issued with your name, address, your photo and a registration number that, you as a journalist or a freelance writer or photographer, will get from the bodies issuing cards for you. The body can be non-Government or Government. The state lawsuit force can also give off special card to identify you. Now all these things are been forged by certain groups making the process of getting the card more and more strict with time. From European agencies to US press Council, every major body has accounted for a law change in issuing such powerful card.

Lawsuit on press credentials: With several cases of faking the cards that have been reported since the 90s till 2006, the lawsuit has changed its outlook to issue them with indulgence. US Police from separate head quarters have cleared that press councils will be engaged in the process of making the process strict. The number of agencies issuing these cards has been reduced to bring down the cases. Officials have also said that thee cards allow them to process through the police headquarters even, which can be under threat when someone unidentified accesses it. Hence after years, NYPD has requested International Press Council to allow fingerprint matching process. Even passes are hard to get because the process has been made lengthy. Earlier anyone could apply while now applications are met with certain criteria and applicant may need to submit papers over and over again. Meeting in an interview for lawsuit press credentials is made compulsory. Recent cards come with a special hologram indicating the institute’s name and a typical under-written code that can be checked through simple computer softwares. These cards of special power are used to enter events or political party meetings where an extra security needs to be guaranteed. Simple checking of these cards can get you to jail if found forged.Click here to see more

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